Thruth Ragnarssen

The War-Chief of the Berserkers


An intimidating figure, Thruth is the leader of the Berserker clan, a group of warriors who reside in Hymgard

Standing at least 6 foot tall, she walks with the wide gait of a woman who knows an army stands at her back, unquestioningly loyal to her and the clan.
Her physique is that of a seasoned warrior, broad shoulders and head held high, her body is covered with the scars of battle, but still she remains steadfast and strong to the brotherhood.
Her hair, cut in the traditional Berserker Mohawk, hangs in long dreadlocks, which she generally keeps tied back.

Her eyes, like a hawks, a mix of grey and green, look out over her halls like the allfathers, watching for any sign of disturbance, and her judgement is swift.

She wears the traditional garments of the Berserker, the embroidery detailing her position and her sword at his side, though she doesn’t need it.

She stands by each of her clan with loyalty and ferocity, but is especially protective of her Gothi, Content Not Found: brokk-ragnarssen.


Thruth Ragnarssen

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