Hilde Ravensdotir

Quartermaster to the Valkyrie


What Hilde lacks in the Valkyries elegance, she makes up for in raw power and fierce devotion.
Her firey red hair sits firmly tied in a braided bun, each strand in its place, perfectly complimenting her sharp jawline and high cheekbomes.
Her green eyes seem to lock with yours when she talks to you, resolute and firm in her conviction.
She is a born fighter, devout to the war effort, her sisters and Freyja.
She stands head and shoulders above most of her peers, an intimidating figure to the average man.
She wears the uniform of the Valkyrie with great respect and pride, the symbol of Freyja pinned to the left breast, polished and glinting in the sun.


Hilde Ravensdotir

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