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A thousand years ago, the final war of the human race ripped the world apart, A mad god unleashed his forces and brought destruction to the world, the force of a thousand warheads saw the earth cracked and the population was crippled, thousands of cities burned, one was saved.

Shielded by a magical barrier that shimmered with runes, it seemed the city had been saved by the Norse Gods, and the but why this city? why save one while all others burned? many had suspicions, no one had answers. 

The city was renamed Midgard, it's original name being lost to the history books, temples were built to the Aesir and Vanir, the cities saviors, or so it would seem.

With the human population devastated, It did not take the remaining humans long to realize they had been joined by strange new creatures in this world, Elves, Dwarves, Beastmen, Gnomes, Orcs and Giants had appeared as if overnight, and though most races only wanted peace with the humans, it was not long until war started anew.

The Jotunn, huge frost giants, came from the north, laying waste to what remained of the human race, though the first few attacks were simple raids, their boldness only grew and grew, until one fateful night, Midgard was attacked.

The humans held the invasion back, rallied by the leadership of one Garth Hakon, they fought back the giants, Hakon was named Lord General for his bravery, and he led Midgard into a time of peace
They built a large wall around Midgard to protect it from the giants, but Midgard had sent Jotunheim a message, a challenge of war, and with it came a new threat.

The giantess Angrboda, leader of the Jotunn and Mistress to the god, Loki, unleashed an army of Giants and Orcs and beasts on the humans of Hymgard, her three children at her side, she seemed unstoppable as she marched to bring down the jewel of this worlds crown, Midgard.

But the Gods would not stand idle as their people were slaughtered, they sent powerful heroes, warriors and mages, to fight and protect the people of Hymgard
Finally, Angrboda was brought down. The world has lived in relative peace ever since, even the Jotun have been found as allies to the other races, but a dark presence has begun to stir and beasts rise up to run rampant across Hymgard, what evil wakes now and who will stop it?

Main Page

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