Raul Asterssen

The current Lord General of Midgard, a military leader and voice of the council


Raul carries himself as a leader and a warrior, he is the Lord General of Midgard and therefore demands respect.
He wears a standard issue Military uniform with silver vambraces at every non-combat situation.
His hair is cut in a sharp crew cut, his face clean shaven and presicely manicured, a military man to the end.
He is the voice of the council, he voices their will and enforces it, until he is to be replaced.


Some believe Raul’s rise to power was rather sudden, he was merely 21 when he was chosen as the next Lord General, some think he was not ready.
He spends most of his time tending to his business, political matters and alliances as well as training with his personal guard.

Raul Asterssen

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