Ever since the war of sorrow ended, the realms of Hymgard have lived in relative peace, the giants that once ravaged the lands now keep to themselves in their frozen lands to the north, the Orcs too have forgotten their savage ways and have found civilized lives among the cities and towns of Hymgard.

The warrior and mage factions who fought against the Jotun and their queen, Angrbhoda, now grow bored and restless, but they may not for much longer.
The flames of war, though dwindled, cannot be doused, and what cannot be put out is sure to erupt again.

Raven's fly to the north, to the gate to Jotunheim, a dark omen for Midgard, and all of Hymgard, an omen of war, but that's not all.
Something stirs in the shadow, an evil that has slept for countless years as the world forgot it's name, and it's power grows.